Monday, April 11, 2011

I can see clearly now

Can you see clearly now?

Do you remember that old song? It hit me reading this morning when my brain got to thinking about focus and the words that Samuel spoke to Saul.

Knowing Saul's whole story and being at the beginning of it this morning it hit me that here is this man that stands head and shoulders above anyone else in the land and the most handsome man in Israel who is the focus of all Israel's hope! A man that went on to share in the most humble manner but I'm from the smallest tribe and my family is the least important of those...a humble man!

The Hebrew word for focus used here meant inner man, understanding, will, heart and we all know that Saul loses his focus in his lifetime sadly. He loses the humble spirit and it becomes about Saul, but what a beautiful beginning. A man that went on his father's instructions to look for the lost donkeys and returned the future king of Israel. The man that hid among the baggage was proclaimed king! Some trusted him others were scorning him (sound familiar) and in a month he lead them to victory over the Ammonites!

Saul the king and let's remember the next few days reading how Saul began this journey being the focus because he was humble and willing. Let's learn from Saul about when we lose our focus what else we lose in the process. Saul was a great man who we will see that when he took his eyes off God he lost everything!

Sweet blessings,


Nikole Hahn said...

I've been struggling to keep my focus on Him as I worried over taxes this week and worried how to pay them. Then, after doing them I realized God answered both my husband's prayers and mine in one swoop. We owed only $100 after the state refund was applied to the feds. My husband had said, "If we owe alot, more than we can pay, we will have to empty the savings and get rid of the house. But if God wants us to stay, we'll owe less."

God is good. Another push to keep our focus on Him.

Frankie said...

I loved reading about Saul's humble beginnings as Samuel annointed him King of Israel. When I think of Saul, I usually think of his intense pursuit of David. Today's reading was so different.