Saturday, April 30, 2011

Came to the Rescue

2 Samuel 21:17 ~ Abishai came to the rescue of David

I want you to picture with me the scene of once again the Israelites were battling the Giants of Philistine. The people that the giant that David fought and won were back to fight once again. David was a proud king and you know that he wanted nothing more than to once again destroy these giants.

David was no longer the young shepherd that killed bears and giants. David had become a much older man, suffering from probably years of battle injuries, aging, and maybe not quite as tough mentally. You know David wanted to fight and win. You feel it in your own being just thinking about all we know about David, but this time it wasn't to be. No the king became weak and exhausted we are told and one of the giants had cornered David and someone had to rescue David.

My heart aches for David, but is excited for the young warrior that was able to save the king. It was time for David to be supported by those around him and to allow others to grow and have success. It was time for David to encourage others, but don't you know his heart ached that he was longer the MIGHTY Warrior. God provided a helper to save David from the giant. God provides when we face our giants. We are not able to fight and win without God fighting for us! I don't know what you might be facing, but we all face a giant of some sort ~ the only way to beat the giant is with God fighting the giant for you. Give your giant to God and let Him win the battle!

Sweet blessings,

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