Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dancing with all he had...

2 Samuel 6:14 ~ And David danced before the LORD with all his might...

Today, the day before Easter reading this touched my heart deeply. David was bringing the ark back to be placed in a special place and David was worshiping with all of his might! He was celebrating Our Lord and he didn't care what anybody thought...

When was the last time you worshiped without giving any thought to anybody around you and what they think? Honestly now...Here is the king one reading says danced with all his might from Samuel from 1 Chornicles it says skipping about and laughing with joy..the NIV says leaping and dancing before the Lord...He was ecstatic and filled with love for the LORD!

The king was only concerned with the LORD no one else. No thoughts of what others were thinking only consumed with the LORD. The photo of the man dancing alone on a beach with no one around was beautiful to me...I wondered would he have danced with others there?

The story went on to Michal, she watched the Word tells us filled with contempt for him. (David) I think and this is a Debbie thought perhaps because she was never able to let go and be who she was made to be. She was holding on to her perceptions of what royalty should be and how they should act rather than be who God designed her to be...she blamed David for being able to let go. She also probably held bottled up jealousy, mixed with love and hate from David leaving her behind and then she had rebuilt her life and he took her back because she was his...She was suffering and her thoughts show the feelings centered around David. I wish we knew more about her we know she never had children some believe partly due to this story and her feelings towards David that the LORD disciplined her.

I don't know, but she loved David at one point. She saved him from her father and her father gave her to another man. Another man we know loved her after all we saw he followed behind her openly weeping as she was taken away to go back to David. No choices of her own, but still her feelings were very much real and her heart was broken. Words fell out of her mouth to hurt David and they hurt her. He must have felt pain in his heart for her, wishing you could worship the LORD and truly feel God's love instead of the pain.

Tomorrow is Easter and the LORD is risen! Praise God with all your heart! Give thanks for because of HIM we all have VICTORY over the grave! He gave His life for you and for me and indeed we should shout hallelujah and dance with abandon Praising God with all our might! Invite someone to church! Share your testimony with others!
Let His Light Shine through you!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Pray for the people in St. Louis and others in the wake of this storm!

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