Monday, April 18, 2011

Wasting time chasing me?

Today the reading from 1 Samuel 26: 1 - 25, really spoke to me about time and how we waste valuable time! Saul is busy hunting down David. Why? Jealousy, Fear, Pride! The list could go on and on, but no good reasons for the hunt!

Everyday we waste valuable time for some of the same reasons. Rather than taking the time and treasuring it and making the most of it, we justify whatever we spend our time doing! The words that David spoke to Saul of Why has the king of Israel come out to search for a single flea? Which means he (David) is worthless and you are wasting important time. David means Saul no harm. He is not going to do anything other than support Saul until God decides it is time for him to be king and not before...Then the words are why do you hunt me down like a partridge on the mountain? Do you know they are almost impossible to catch?

We waste so much time doing things that God doesn't have planned for us...Saul wasted valuable time chasing David and nothing he did was going to change God's plan for David and David meant Saul no harm! So due to Saul's arrogance and jealousy he spent valuable time, loss of life, and so much more just ignoring that it would be God's timing and not his. God's plans and not his! How much time do we waste doing the exact same thing?

Our life goes by in a flash or we getting the most out of it?

Sweet blessings,

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