Monday, April 4, 2011

Our names are special

Parents look for just the right name when they are expecting their little bundle of joy! Months, perhaps years have gone into the choice. Many men long to give their last name to a son that it will carry on the family line into future generations. Women want their little girls to have a name that perhaps they desired or the perfect name of a cherished friend. A lot of thought goes into our names.

Today, in Judges 13 the Bible talks about Samson's upcoming birth and the things that his parents are to do. We are told that a "a man of God" appeared to the woman and she didn't ask his name or where he was from, but she knew it was an angel. Manoah prayed that the man would come back, so that he could hear the special instructions. God answered the prayer and the angel appeared again. The rules were given and Manoah ask the angel ...What is your name? and the angel replied -- Why do you ask for my name: "It is to wonderful for you to understand." Wow! I love this! A name is too wonderful for understanding...ponder that a moment. Even the name is special of this angel...

Manoah then offered a sacrifice to the Lord and as the couple watched, the Lord did an amazing thing! Always! The flames were shooting up toward the sky from the sacrifice and the angel of the LORD ascended in the fire! Divine acceptance! What a moment! Picture it! Take in the whole scene for this young couple...Wow!

Yes, indeed our names matter...whether spoken or unspoken perhaps it might be too wonderful to understand like perhaps our photo of NO NAME...maybe it is special in its own right too!!!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Speaking of names, I wondered why Samson's mother's name was not mentioned in Scripture today? Maybe we will come across it as we read on. Or maybe not.

That was pretty cool what the angel said about his name. Wonder if it was really The Lord Jesus. His name is above every name!