Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Never again!

1 Samuel 15:11 - I am sorry that I ever made Saul king, for he has not been loyal to me and has refused to obey my command. Samuel was so deeply moved when he heard this that he cried out to the LORD all night.

Words the Lord spoke, written in His Holy Word about Saul. He went from being humble to all about me in a very short period of time. Samuel was broken hearted because he was the priest of the people and it broke his heart at the things so not of God!

Samuel told Saul, but he interpreted things and reworked things to fit his own needs. But I did I built a monument to worship God...NOT...he built it to himself and then even tried to point the finger at others...

Truly I have felt heart ache the last two days of reading about Saul. He is so human. He is so like us...We think we are really something and that we have done well and truly we haven't done a thing! Or maybe I should just say I..., but I think our American culture is so in all of us that I speak collectively. We all think about ourselves first and then others, it's a me world! Look where it got Saul...we are starting to see the beginning of Saul's fall due to his own choices! Choices! Choices get all of us at one point or another!

Samuel never went to meet with Saul again we learn in verse 35 of chapter 15..Do you think Saul noticed? Do you think he felt relief because Samuel reminded him of his disobedience? One wonders does Saul have any regret about his choice of allowing his pride to get out of hand? Did he ever realize this is when everything started falling apart? Do we?

In the next section from Chapter 16, we all learn an important truth - People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart! Oh if only we would all not go by appearances. If only, we looked deeper into the eyes. I read a quote the other day about passion and really looking into someone's eyes and you see the passion. You feel the passion! The LORD knows the passion! The LORD knows when we are humble and real or when we are full of ourselves rather than HIM!

The chapter went on to tell us that Saul lost the Spirit of the LORD the day that David was chosen and that the LORD sent a tormenting spirit to fill him with fear and depression. Imagine, disappointing the LORD so much that He sent a tormenting spirit to fill us...Saul from a handsome, humble man to a tormented lost man alone with fear!

Lord feel us with your passion and Your Spirit so that other's see only You in us. Let us keep our eyes clearly focused on you, so that truly you are what others see! Amen

Sweet blessings,

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Anonymous said...

In today's reading Saul kept saying to Samuel, "the Lord your God." Not the Lord my God. He was not claiming God as his God. I just find that odd. What in the world happened to Saul? He had been filled with the Spirit of the Lord.