Monday, April 25, 2011

The Seed of Doubt

2 Samuel 10: 2 ~ Do you really think these men are coming here to honor your father?

The seed of doubt is planted without much work. King Nahash was an enemy of Saul, but a friend of David's many think in a covenant relationship with David. So being in this type of relationship David wanted to honor his friend. A friend that had supported him against through the Saul situation.

Rather than receiving them with honor he allowed the seed of doubt to fester and grow into an act that he shamed these men of honor that David had sent. He seized these men and shaved off half their beards. A act that showed insult and submission. An act that would plant deep seeds of anger in the hearts of those involved. Not only did he shave their beards he cut off half their robes. Cutting off half of the robe exposing the buttocks was very shameful. It was an act done to many prisoners of war, so the men were filled with shame.

Imagine, they went to honor a man that their leader had a covenant relationship with and they are received with acts that filled them with shame. Honor replaced with shame from small seeds of doubt of men that were filled with fear to commit such an act. An unprovoked act!

God was on the side of Israel and of course, they won the blessing of God. What did the Ammonites end up with ~ defeat! Why? Doubt! Doubt is a dangerous seed to plant in a person. Doubt leads to many unknown factors when we could just has easily choose to trust the other person acts in an honorable way rather than assuming the worst!

Today, assume the best! Assume the positive! Choose to trust!

Sweet blessings,

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