Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wasting No time

Today's reading that touched my heart is the story of Abigail from 1 Samuel 25. I have always loved the story of Abigail "whose name means My father is joy" so very much!

Today, the words from verse 18 just jumped at me. Abigail wasted no time to make things right. Abigail was a wise woman, who used her wisdom to settle the mess her husband made rather than to make it larger. Have you ever been around people that just seem to stir something rather than settle the matter? At times, maybe we have all been guilty, but Abigail wasn't. She wanted to be sure that David didn't make a bad decision on his part due to being God's chosen leader! She wanted him to realize the importance of making a wise choice and her husband, Nabal, whose name means "fool" well that says it all!

Abigail lived in a time that she had to be wise in taking such matters into her own hands. After all, women were not a part of decision making and often times not heard by leaders. David heard her and listened. Abigail gently reminded David that he was to fight the LORD's battles and that he had done no wrong. Wow, what a way with words. Here David is ready to fight with 400 men and kill everyone around and this woman riding on a donkey in her quiet manner reminded him who he was...God's chosen leader!

Abigail is described as sensible and beautiful married to a rich, foolish man. A man that probably didn't treat Abigail very well and she was probably married off to him to help her own family rise in position. Her servants immediately went to her with word about her husband's foolish words knowing she was a special lady.

Picture the scene of Abigail riding out on her donkey to meet the future king...she was behind all of the gifts she was sending to David a few minutes or more. The gifts would have passed by first and in a little while this beautiful woman on a donkey arrives and the woman quickly gets off the donkey and bows very low out of respect to David. She honors him. Quickly taking blame for the wrong. She explained she didn't see the men and well Nabal is just as his name says a fool. No excuse, just a fact offered. A very obedient, wise woman that chose her words carefully to put out a fire rather than fan one!

Let's all learn from Abigail today and choose our words wisely!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: People suffering from the tornadoes that have swept our country this week.

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Frankie said...

Those are the same words that jumped out at me this morning. Abigail wasted no time to act bravely. I think that usually a brave act must be carried out swiftly.

I continue to be amazed by the women of the Bible and the courage that they displayed during a time when women had such little value in their society.