Sunday, April 24, 2011

Give a lasting dynasty!

2 Samuel 7 - You speak of giving your servant a lasting dynasty...

David was told he would have a lasting dynasty by the LORD ~ unlike Saul. His son will build a temple for the LORD not David. We are told that David went and sat before the LORD and prayed. He went to give thanks for all that the LORD was and is...He praised God for all He had done saving the people from Egypt, miracles, removed nations that stood in the way of the KINGDOM.

David the shepherd, the warrior, the harpist, the king was giving praise to the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS...Have you? Today is Easter. Jesus rose to give us eternal life...something we could never earn...a gift because never could we achieve eternal life because of our evil desires. Jesus died for me and you and today is a day that should be the reminder of giving thanks every other day, moment, second of our life...a gift we never could deserve, but are given!

Praise be to God! Thank you Father!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Yes, our God lives! The tomb was empty!