Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener

2 Samuel 11:4 ~ David sent messengers to get her...

David stayed home from the battle. Grew restless. Walked on his roof and spotted another man's wife and decided he wanted her. So he sent for her! How many wives and concubines did David have at this point? At least six wifes and who knows how many concubines, but he needed one more woman. A different woman, a beautiful woman whose husband was off fighting the battle that the King should have been fighting too!

David had plenty at home, but yet he wanted more! Does this ever describe us? It does me. Oh, not men. I've got the only one of those that I want, but the other could be other desires such as treasures, latest toy, latest gadget, latest whatever...Do we have to have it or we'll die? Nope, we just want it.

We haven't changed much at all from the time of David. Focus, Focus, is so important. If we allow the devil to shift our focus, change our focus from where it should be he slips in desires that we don't need! Choices that might have consequences just like David's did!

Boredom gets in the path that helps to pave the way to destruction. Have you ever noticed in your own journey when you are bored that you might make a bad decision? David did!

Taking things that aren't ours will also sink our ship. We see something think nobody will ever know and oops our ship is at the bottom of the ocean. Bathsheba was another man's wife and she wasn't David's for the taking. His family lived by the sword the rest of his life. Sons killed each other and then sons came after their father. Family unrest, family hatred of each other all caused by taking something that wasn't his.

Next time you think that grass looks greener on the other side ~ rethink your position. Perhaps move a little and see that it doesn't really look that much different from what you already have at home!!!

Sweet blessings,

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