Friday, April 15, 2011

Humble beginnings

1 Samuel 20:41 ~ ...Then David bowed three times to Jonathan with his face to the ground. Both of them in tears as they embraced each other and said good-bye, especially David. The friendship of these two special people is a wonderful example of what true friends should be! Loyal, caring, knowing without words, accepting, loving and so many other words could describe this relationship.

Today it struck me that these two men knew they were special and yet they were both humble. David knew he was the future king and Jonathan realized this man was going to take the place of what should have been his throne and yet they were true friends. The relationship was real!

How often do we pretend? Oh, everything is okay and yet we are so angry inside that causes a snowball to role that ruins everything? Saul, did this! The anger and pride ruined him and allowed David to enter the picture. It wasn't David that did was Saul! Saul got it all going, because he forgot his humble beginnings. David did not forget.

In a few days we will read about times that he does forget, but the difference is HE remembers it is all about God and begs forgiveness. Saul never remembered it wasn't all about him. His son knew. David knew, but Saul truly believed it was about him.

I picture the scene of good bye between these two friends as heart breaking knowing that they indeed loved each other, but knowing the future would break them apart somehow...David acknowledged his friend as the prince he was in that moment bowing 3 times very low to the ground expressing his genuine affection for Jonathan. Jonathan also acknowledged that he knew that because of the kindness of the LORD that David would one day be king! Jonathan was a special man who loved the LORD. He definitely understood his role and stepped aside and lived "love your neighbor as yourself."

We should look to this friendship and know what true friendship truly should look like...forgiveness, love, loyalty, kindness, acceptance and God at the center! Thank God today for your special friends that indeed love you in spite of who you really are...they accept your faults, tell you the truth even when it hurts, laugh with you when you need to forget, and always love you even at your worst!

Thanks sweet friends and you know who you are....

Sweet blessings,

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