Friday, April 22, 2011

God Did It!

1 Chronicles 14:8-17

I love this story about David defeating the Philistines. Why?

David consulted with God before he did anything...Should I go fight? Will you hand them over to me? Yes, go ahead God replied....First lesson for us - Consult God. Talk to Him and wait for His reply. He does answer it's just on His time table not ours...

David gave God the praise for winning the battle. -- God did it! He just used me to burst through my enemies like a raging flood! How many battles as God won for you? Did you give Him the credit He deserved? Did you share it with anybody how you got through your difficult battle? How you finally won the war? did you share it? We are suppose to share God's praises with others!

The enemy returns. Do you consult God? David did! He didn't remember the last battle being his. He remembered God won the war. So again he asked of God, "Do I attack straight on," God replied, No, circle around behind and attack near the poplar trees...when you hear the sound of marching feet in the tops of the trees go out and attack. that is the sign that God is moving ahead of you...Do you follow God's instructions?

God went ahead of them. Imagine, the sound of those trees for the Philistine army. God moving through those trees and it sounded like marching feet of an army headed at you. The fear that went through each of these men; must have been huge! God will win our battles for us! Imagine, the cowering of the enemy knowing that God is fighting our battles not us! The enemy knows that before we go to battle we consult with God and he doesn't stand a chance!

Today whatever you face talk to God first! Ask Him to guide you and show you how to fight the battle...whatever it is! Whether it is a small matter or a huge matter give it to God and let Him fight the battle! Leave it with Him, don't take it back! He will lead the fight and you follow behind Him allowing Him to win the battle and His glory shine through you! Listen for the marching feet...a fierce storm is brewing in the tops of those trees ready to fight for you!!!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

When I read "God did it" this morning, I thought of my neighbors.
When they moved into their house, they put a sign in their flower bed that says, "To God be the glory - God Did It!" I should give God the glory He deserves each day.