Sunday, January 9, 2011

Contempt among brothers

I read the story of Esau and Jacob with sadness. Two brothers that before they were ever born set up to never have a loving friendship or relationship. The Word shows today in Genesis 25 that Esau was made of instant satisfaction through a bowl of soup being worth more than his birthright. How could you sell your birthright for a meal?

I really thought about his actions and thought well we all desire easy, quick fixes in our society. Oh, they probably look different to each of us, but we all have those shortcomings. It's whether we recognize and accept it where we are able to deal with it.

I feel saddened by Jacob in the reading today as well. I mean he stole his brother's blessing on in the reading today with his mother's help. I kept help thinking let God handle it, but don't we all try to help God at times. We can't wait, so we do something and it might not have been God's way at all. Jacob served his brother a bowl of soup for his birthright. Jacob was cunning. He realized his brother thought with his stomach and not much more. Sad...

One commentary told me that God would never have been able to do what he wanted to with Esau that it was hard enough with Jacob. Wow, two brothers that birthed two nations that were never to get along. Esau filled with hate. Jacob on the run.

How often have we looked like one of the brothers?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today we pray for world heath and awareness. We also need to lift up the people hurt by the tragedy in Arizona yesterday and our nation as a whole. We need to be able to accept each other's difference without resorting to violence. We need to pray for recovery for those injured and for the families that lost loved ones whether through death or being the one that pulled the trigger.

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