Monday, January 24, 2011

I Know

Today, reading Job 19 when I got to verse 25 and Job's words about Our Redeemer it was as if I heard the words I KNOW. I spoke this weekend and talked about the story of the woman who the Pharisees accused in front of everyone...Jesus never says much He just writes in the sand and slowly everyone leaves realizing that we are all the same sinners.

In this particular passage Job sharing prophecy, whether it is about Jesus or his health returning they aren't sure, but isn't it beautiful. Job is suffering, hurting, doubting, and yet deep in his soul he knows. He knows God loves him in spite of everything around him. His own words, his friends words, the evil surrounding him and deep he knows that as the NIV states "someone is going to defend me and in the end He will stand on earth!" Praise the LORD!

Job sounds so much like us at times...complaints, woe to me and yet deep down he knows and he states it beautifully here. Indeed, someone does defend us and indeed He will stand again on this earth and WIN!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Prayers for understanding throughout the Americas. Understanding that You made us each unique and special with a reason for all of us!!! Tolerance, but with your guidance on addressing difficult issues.

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