Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who me?

Don't you love the reading about Sarah today in Genesis 18? In fact, I just loved this whole section!

To begin, Abraham ran to greet guests and invite them in not realizing that he was entertaining angels. I wonder how often we might be entertaining angels and never know. Do we offer hospitality? Are we too busy to even offer a kind word? What do we do?

Abraham then offered something that in those days was great hospitality the gift of shade to cool down and for their feet to be washed after a long day of walking in sandals. Imagine, yourself. Nothing like either one is there? Have you ever heard the expression we've got it made in the shade. Cool to think about isn't it? Listen to this, I found the word in Hebrew for shade is Imago Dei think about resting in God's shade from the trials of life! Anyway, just thought that was an interesting tidbit...Next Abraham offered a great food and the best of everything to his guests.

Sarah prepared the food and then stood on the other side of the door and listened to the conversation. Have you ever done this? She got caught even with doing it in silence. She laughed silently and the Lord then said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh?" She then lied about it and denied it...saying, "I didn't laugh." But the Lord replied, "No, you did laugh."
He knows all. Whether we speak it or not - HE KNOWS.

God knows everything, so why don't we talk to Him about it all. Why don't we speak those silent thoughts out loud and ask Him? Why Lord and see if you get an answer! Try it!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special today - Pray for those around the world with no clean water

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Frankie said...

It seemed as though everyone was bargaining with The Lord today. Abraham was bargaining for the righteous that may be in Sodom and Gomorrah. I am sure that he must have been thinking of Lot and Lot's family there.

Then Lot starts bargaining to be sent to Zoar instead of the mountains, but eventually he leaves Zoar in fear and goes to the mountains.

Have you bargained with God before? I have. I am guilty of thinking my plan is the best.