Monday, January 3, 2011


I imagine being on that boat - first with the rain and flooding for 150 days and then with the time it took the water to go of 12 1/2 months I think. We were told that Noah lifted back the covering of the boat and saw the surface was drying and two more months went by after that before leaving the boat. Anyway, a long time!

First, Noah was building this boat and everybody is thinking he is crazy. He is obedient. I guess that is the reason that Noah found favor with God. He is obedient! First lesson to remember from Noah.

Second, he did everything exactly like God commanded. Do we or do we change one little thing?

I place myself on that boat and the thoughts that would have gone through my mind during this whole experience. The animals, the smells, the family, the rain...the rain...the rain... Rain depresses me after a little while after forty days I can only imagine, but Noah was obedient!
The verse that caught my attention today was in Genesis 8:1 - But God remembered
Do you ever wonder Lord or you there? Did you forget me? Well, here is our answer...Yes, He remembers! He doesn't have to have a sticky note to remember, a ribbon around his finger, a list to remember...He Remembers because He is God. He is the God that might close a door to protect us like in verse 16 or He is God that remembers and provides a rainbow as a sign that He will never again flood the earth to destroy it.

God remembers He may just answer in a different way than we envisioned. After all, God's ways are definitely not our ways. He knows the plans He has for each of us and He doesn't need sticky notes...He remembers!

Do you need to hear today that God remembers you? He remembers you! He doesn't forget you, He loves you.

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special today is to pray for those that are persecuted for their Christian belief! People in other places are not allowed the freedoms to attend the church of their choice, sit openly on their pew and worship Our Savior. Remember the people that sacrifice to worship God and have to choose God and take the chance that they may loose their life in this choice. Pray for these special believers today and pray for strength and guidance for each one.

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Frankie said...

Thank you Lord for remembering us!