Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Your Dreams

I had a dream! Jacob had a dream about how to build his flock and his fortune given to him by God. Jacob wasn't sure how to do this on his own, so God gave him the answers in his dream. In his dream an angel of God gave him instructions to leave.

Leah and Rachel agreed after all their father had not been good to either of them. They were ready to leave with Jacob and yet Rachel stole her father's idols. Why? Why would Rachel want these idols? It keeps going through my mind over and over why was she clinging to the past. A past that brought nothing, but harm and pain. A past where her father pasted her sister off to the man she loved first. A past that caused her to watch as her sister had children one after another. A past that her father was nothing but dishonest and far from honorable...Why would she want these idols? What did they represent to her?

I pondered this question and read in a commentary that perhaps Rachel stole them so that her father would finally no longer worship these idols. She removed them, so that he might find the true God. Another said it was so Laban could not consult with them to figure out where Jacob had taken them. Another said she took them as affection from fear of the reception she would receive from Jacob's family. Why do you think she took them? I think it might have been a little of all...A clinging to the familiar, an act to provoke a father that she felt wronged her, and perhaps the fear of the unknown.

If you left today, what would you cling to from your past? What would you be sure you packed in your belongings?

Sweet blessings,

P.S. Prayer for more disciples throughout the world.

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Frankie said...

Debbie, your question is very interesting to me, "What would you cling to from your past?" For me, I think it is all the wrong things, like Rachel's idols. Things like fears and hurts that just as easily become idols to me. I've got them neatly tucked away in my belongings. Letting go of them and leaving them behind is quite an obstacle to overcome.

What did the apostle Paul say? The thing I don't want to do is the very thing that I do. I think that would include hanging on to my idols.

Lord, please help me to loosen the grip that I have on those things from the past that have become idols to me.