Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Again, I want you to use your imagination!

Today, you feel the Spirit without a doubt telling you to leave your country, your relatives and your father's family, and go to the land I will show you. How fast are you packing? Are you packing? Do you know God?

Answer to the last question Abram didn't know God when he received these words from God. He lived in a land foreign to knowing our God, but he listened to Him. Imagine it! Place yourself in this story and it's you that God is calling to leave all familiar to you. You have done well for yourself, you are living in a thriving city, things are happening and God up and tells you move on and move on alone!

Wow, and yet Abram was obedient! We are told Abram departed as the Lord instructed with one small exception and maybe it wasn't small...he took his nephew Lot with him. He was told to leave your relatives, but he took Lot with him. Oops, not total obedience was it? Abram also made some strange choices or at least to me...he took a side trip to Egypt due to a famine and told Sarai to act and say she was his sister. He was afraid because of her beauty they would kill him, so I will give you to the king pretend you are my sister and things will work out...Wrong! He got a lot of gifts from the Pharaoh, but is stuff worth these kind of choices?

Lot and Abram both became very wealthy, but the land wouldn't support both so they split up. Lot moved towards the wicked land of Sodom. Abram had to run and rescue Lot from a bunch of bad guys. The king of Sodom wanted to give Abram a blessing and say that he could keep all the things he won in the battle, but Abram replied no...if I took from you then you could say that you were the one that gave me great wealth, but only the LORD, God most high, Creator of heaven and earth...in other words God made Abram all that he was!

Who makes us all that we are? It is my prayer that you answered that You are a daughter of son of the KING, The Savior of this Word, the God of Abram and He is who makes you who you are! Claim it! Say it aloud and indeed grab your bags and leave when He calls!!! It's an adventure of a lifetime that you don't want to miss! So, get ready...

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special - Pray for a Spiritual Renewal among all Christians around the World!!!

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Frankie said...

In the almost thirty years that I have been married, I have lived in four different cities. That doesn't take into account the moves in my childhood.

Moving to new places seems so strange and foreign at first. It takes awhile to learn your way around and to make new friends takes even longer. I am sure there are others reading this that can easily relate to the moving experience.

I feel for Abram leaving for this new land in the desert heat on camel. I am sure he must have faced threats of all kinds. I admire Abram's courage to set out even though he didn't quite do it as God told him.