Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What goes around comes around? Perhaps

How do you think Jacob felt when Joseph, No, my father..this is my firstborn?

What memories came back to him at this moment that he didn't have long to be with his family? Is life was coming to an end? Do you think memories of false hair? Do you think memories of yes, father it's Esau...the words the Lord provided...do you think any of that came flowing back at that moment? Do you think that he realized that God would have done exactly what he did here perhaps with his own father?

It hit me this morning with lots of thoughts of how God brought this full circle with his favorite sons children. Jacob relived his moment of taking matters into his own hands through his favorite sons children...God shows up every time!

We don't have to help God out! When are we going to get it?

Sweet blessings,

P.S. Continue to pray for peace in Africa...
Also, the story above is from Genesis 48

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Frankie said...

More of the same, is what I thought this morning as I read. Jacob not only showed favoritism when his own son, Joseph but then with his grandsons. Jacob pulled another "switcher-roo."

Don't we repeat the same things in our own families? Some good, some not so good!