Friday, January 14, 2011

Dream your dreams

I love the story about Joseph and his dreams. I realize that when he shared his dreams that in some ways he was bragging to his brothers, but he dreamed!
Do you have dreams? Do you believe they can happen or will happen? Do you know that we have dream stealers in our paths? In the Bible they were the Pharisees. Who are they in your life?
Jesus is the dream giver. Now, I am not saying everything we desire we will get, but we will have the adventure of a lifetime, because Jesus provides so much better than we are able to even dream.
In our reading today, Judah that slept with Tamar thinking she was a prostitute not daughter-in-law...I mean think about it...Judah is the line of Christ! Judah was a part of the scheme of putting Joseph in the cistern, but decided it was a better course of action to just sell him to the traders. Now, this is something else! Talk about a dream...who would think after all Judah did that He would be an ancestor to the Messiah through his daughter-in-law Tamar that tricked him?
God's ways are not our ways!!!! When will we understand this fact? All, I can say is "thanks be to God."
Sweet blessings,
P.S. Pray for clean water for the people in Africa!!!

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