Saturday, January 15, 2011


Timing is everything!

But it's God's timing not ours!

Did you catch the but?

Not easy to take, is it?

When we decide something we want it now, but it doesn't happen that way. It is all in God's timing.

Joseph had been in prison a long time and when the cup bearer (butler) left don't you know he thought his time was short. Or at least he wanted it to be. He had given the man good news and surely he would be grateful, but nope...he forgot! He forgot until it served his purposes to remember that man in prison that helped him with his dreams. A full two years later!!!!

One commentary worded it until the time was right for deliverance! Isn't that true for us? Until we have learned the lesson God wants us to learn then we aren't delivered! During the process we might be taught patience, understanding, whats best for us...a lesson will be taught and until we are taught the lesson God wants us to learn the time just will not happen for delivery. Check out Psalm 105:19 - PRETTY FITTING!

God's timing not ours...when will we get it?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Poverty in Africa

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Frankie said...

Wow! I am thinking on this thought you gave us today. "Until we have learned the lessons that God wants us to learn we aren't delivered." I hope that I learn quickly.