Saturday, January 1, 2011


Have you heard the expression wow your mom really marked you? You look just like her or your dad?
The reading from today about Cain hit me in so many ways. Cain killed his brother. Unthinkable! He was upset that Abel did better than him with his offering of sacrifice and The Lord rejected Cain and his offering. The Lord told him...sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. Indeed it controlled him. The act caused Cain to be declared a wanderer on the earth. Tossed about, to and fro homeless alone. Cain said it was too much to bear to separated and that it was too much to not be forgiven. He knew he would be killed. So, he appealed to the Lord and he marked him. What kind of mark do you think? We are told it had to be one of mercy or surely someone would gladly kill him. The Lord marked Cain with a mark so that others would show him mercy and give him more time to dedicate himself to God. Is that not cool? More time, mercy after he had done such an evil act!
The mark - how are we marked? Are others able to see "The Light" in us? Are we marked with Jesus or something else? What do our actions? What do our clothes? What do our expressions all say or mark us with? Ponder your mark today...also, ponder what is controlling you? or who is controlling you? Good or evil controlling you? Lots to think about today!
Sweet Blessings,
P.S. Today pray for those in the world that still haven't heard about Jesus.

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Frankie said...

The scripture about Cain was interesting today. In Genesis 4:14, who was the "anyone" that Cain said would kill him if they found him? Was he just talking about the future population?

In Genesis 6: 6, I was sadden again that the human wickedness was so bad that God was sorry he made us. Not sadden by the human wickedness but that IT BROKE HIS HEART. Do we think about breaking God's heart?