Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Genesis 37 - 39

Again...Jacob settled again and the word again really struck me this morning as I read along with the words "The LORD was with Joseph"...again!

Over and over the words, The LORD was with Joseph and these were not great times, but times spent in danger at Potiphar's House and again in prison.  Joseph wasn't leading a life of mountaintop experiences he experienced some pretty difficult things.  But...

It struck me reading that Again the LORD shows up whether we are on highs or lows, whether we are  traveling or at home, whether...again the LORD shows up.

Think about your own journey.  Doesn't the LORD show up AGAIN?  God indeed shows up, do we?  Joseph was faithful, whether he was in prison or in the leadership.  Whether Joseph was in the pit or in the palace, he knew who he served.  Do we?

Today, think again, again, and again.  The LORD will always be with us, if we are faithful!

Sweet blessings,

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