Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shutting and opening of doors

Genesis 7 - 9: 17

Noah and the flood...

The story is so difficult to imagine.  The terrible destruction.  The sounds that would have been heard surrounding this story are awful.

I ask you yesterday to place yourself in Noah's shoes.  You know it had to be difficult.  The people talking to him about being crazy and the whole time he is the one that isn't crazy.  Suddenly, they realize what Noah was talking about and you know they all showed up around the ark.

The verse that gets me every time and this time it was no different.  It is found in Genesis 7:16 ~ ...Then the Lord closed the door behind them.  God didn't ask Noah to close the door on anybody God did it himself.  Don't you know Noah stood with pause at that moment because it meant he was giving up hope on those around him that had done nothing, but mock him for months.  One commentator I read said perhaps Noah was finding it hard to give up hope, so the Lord spared him the act of sorrow.  He went on to say that we (humans) can neither open or close the door for salvation that is God's act.

The reading brought to my mind the scripture in Revelation 3:20 ~ Here I Am!  I stand at the door and knock  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.  The opening and closing of the doors in our life are perhaps more meaningful than we realize.  Who or what do we willing open the door to?  Who or what do we willing close the door on?  

Would we be like Noah and wait on the Lord to shut the door?  God protects all of us sometimes by closing the door to things we don't need in our life and opening it to others, but do we realize it?

Next time you stand at the door ~ pause and ask God to only open and close the doors of your life that are the ones desired by Him and not always the ones we think.

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