Friday, January 16, 2015


Genesis 42 - 45: 1-15


What do you see when you look ahead in the photo?  Downhill and a curve left, right?  Well, if we were headed the other direction it would be a curve and uphill...Our journey is a lot like the photo at times we are just straight ahead, no problems and other times well it seems all uphill with curves thrown at every crest...

Today's reading, gave me great comfort to know that whatever we face God knows the plans and is already there in the midst of them.  He is already at the top of the hill or in the middle of the curve and we are never alone.

When Joseph finally reveals his identity he reassured his brothers that it was God that sent him here not them.  Joseph knows who is control of the curves, hills, and the valleys and He is definitely the one that knows the plan.  When will we accept like Joseph and move with confidence knowing that indeed God goes before each of us and HIS plan is always way better than any of our own plans...

Today, move forward in confidence that God is ahead of you!

Sweet blessings,

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