Thursday, January 1, 2015

The woman was convinced...then played hide and seek!

Do you remember when you were a little girl and played hide and seek?  It seemed like forever sometimes before you were to be found and other times it was right away?  The giggles and laughter of being found?  I do.  I loved to play hide and seek, but today's story found in Genesis gave me a different feeling for what Adam and Eve must have felt perhaps a little shame and fear?

Today, in our reading for day 1 in the New Living Chronological Bible it is the wonderful story of creation.  As I sit and type, I am surrounded by God's creation in such a profound way that my heart was touched in a whole new way beginning this journey of reading the Bible through in a year.  It's snowing as I type and the words "In the Beginning..." which give me a fresh take and a whole new outlook for me.  Watching nature take it's course with the clean, fresh snow falling with the crisp, clean air the words truly mean we are allowed to start over, to begin again just like when all this snow melts and the trees bud out, the flowers bloom, and the mountains sing.  We are allowed the same opportunity to begin again with the LORD.

Yet, the words that truly grasp my attention today are found in chapter 3 with the story of the woman who was convinced.  Which in the original hebrew word means she was coveting, she wanted to delight in, she wanted to take pleasure in what she saw which was the tree and the fruit.  She wanted it.  So she took it.  Ever done the exact same thing in your own journey?  You had to have something?  Oh, our somethings all look different, but I would hazard a guess to say that each one of us have been just like this woman and we were convinced we had to have it, but once we took it or got it...well, it wasn't exactly what we thought.  Immediately, feelings of shame or fear over took you?  Remember?  Oh, come on.  We like to act like Adam and Eve were so different from us, but they aren't are they?

God supplied everything they needed. He ask them one thing not to do and well the ever lurking evil one knew exactly how to attack, didn't he?  He placed seeds of doubt?  He placed the thoughts of really or are you sure that is what was said?  He convinced them they had to give it a whirl and try it.  After all, what would it hurt.  

How often have I done this?  Well, I don't think you would want to read a post quite that long.  I did exactly like Adam and Eve.  I was convinced, so I acted.  It is the sad truth, but as I continued to read along knowing that I was convicted of the reminders of my failures I was renewed.  Yes, in chapter 3, verse 21 we learn that God made clothing for these two people that messed up.  He called them out, convicted them of their sins, but reminded them of His love by clothing them with garments that He made for them.  Once again, I know without a doubt God loves me and He loves you.

Are you hiding among the trees today?  God is calling your name to replace those seeds of doubt, those shameful thoughts, or absolute fear with His amazing love by providing exactly what we all need in our moment that we call out to Our Amazing Father!

Call out to Him Today,

See you here tomorrow on day 2 of our reading!  I hope you are as excited as I am to see what God shows us each day!  Share if it was just a word, if it was more, or if you just want to say hi!
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Marie said...

As I am driving in the rain, I feel the cleansing grace of God. How awesome that I am give the opportunity to begin the new year cleansed and fresh.