Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm starved!

Genesis 25: 27 - 34, 26, 27

When was the last time you exaggerated something?  Did you regret it pretty quickly?

It seems at times we are all starved for something, but do we realize it might go a little deeper than our stomachs?  

The story of Esau coming in from hunting and selling his birthright for a bowl of stew gets me every time.  I mean it's not even steak ~ it's soup!  Seriously, birthrights were very important to God and Esau dishonored God with this act and all for a bowl of soup.  Did he give it any thought?  Was he that brazen?

What about us?  What do we give away that means something?  How often do we act without thinking quickly and later realize what a terrible mistake we have made?  

Later on in the reading, we see Esau says Jacob tricked him twice.  Well, I don't see much trick work going on with the stew.  Jacob ask him a question and Esau went along with it.  Now, the second time is a different story.  

It makes me often do we want to blame someone else for a choice we made for ourselves.  Such as Esau made here ~ birthright or stew...doesn't really make much sense, does it?

How often are we blinded to what matters by over reacting?

Think before you act today.  

Sweet blessings,

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