Sunday, January 11, 2015

Looking back...or perhaps clinging to the past?

Genesis 30:25 - 43 and Genesis 31

Rachel stole her father's household idols...


Perhaps to hold onto something of her father's?  Cling to something of her family belongings?

As I read this story of Jacob leaving and taking his belongings and family this is what caught my thought process.  Why is it hard for us to leave behind the familiar, even if it isn't good for us?

Remember, a few days ago reading about Lot and his family rushing away from destruction?  They were all warned don't look back, but Lot's wife looked back as she was following him and she turned into a pillar of salt.  Why?

Rachel even lies by sitting on the idols once her father catches up to them.  Why do we cling to something we know deep in our souls, isn't good for us?  Maybe, you don't...maybe you have it all together...never faltering.  Yet, over and over, we see where God's chosen people are normal, everyday people that make bad choices, but HE is never changing.  He is love.  He is the rock.  He is everything and only we have mercy because He died for us!  Absolutely nothing to do with any of us and all to do with HIM!

I thought the photo was so fitting for all of us to be reminded that indeed HE is the Rock that forgives when we look back...

Sweet blessings,

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