Thursday, January 28, 2010

Closer to God

Job 32: 8

But there is a spirit within people, the breath of the Almighty within them that makes them intelligent.

Before I go any further today, I have to admit to you I was tired of Job and his 3 friends. I was ready for somebody to speak up and this young man finally did! Hallelujah!

Don't get me wrong. I know I have times that I sound like Job and times that I sound like the 3 friends, but I was so ready for somebody to sound different. To be reminded of hope and how we have hope and today a young man finally spoke to his elders and reminded them about God. It was refreshing!

What about you? Have you done that lately?

We are all in settings where we hear the mumbles, the grumbles, the woe to me and do we speak up and remind them that there is spirit in them that makes them intelligent, or do we remind them that God is greater than any human being, or do we remind them that the breath of the Almighty gave them life? What gentle beautiful reminders of Who God IS!

God is speaking again and again – still…Do we notice?

In Job 34: 14 –

If God were to take back his spirit and withdraw his breath, all life would cease, and humanity would turn to dust.

I loved this reminder of God's power. We or maybe I should say I sometimes forget if God decided to do this it would happen. Only a word and things would be different. It doesn't matter what is on our calendars, on our day planners or simply written in our heads…God can change those plans. God is busy and we sometimes have the disrespect to assume things only God knows…we are reminded in verse 37 –

Our rebellion to our sin shows no respect and then we speak angry words against God.

Don't we do this just like Job? We speak of things we know nothing about all the time. We forget to honor and respect God. Oh, we don't do it intentionally, but think back over the past few days with your conversations, your thoughts did you show God respect and reverence in your thoughts and actions? Are we any different from Job or his "all knowing" friends?

Oh Lord. I want to walk closer to you and your ways become mine. Forgive me Father for the times that I fail you - which are far too often.

Sweet blessings,


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