Monday, January 18, 2010


God's promises


Throughout today's readings I was struck by the promises. The promises God made and the ones that Joseph made to his father. All of which were kept. God always keeps his promises!

I strongly believe that for the last two days God has been reminding me of my foundation and to believe it with all my heart. It doesn't matter what happens in this world, it is with Him and to hold on to that promise. I do! I do!

Kenny wasn't feeling well yesterday and we went back to the hospital. So far, the tests aren't showing anything, but he doesn't feel right. The unknowns are so much harder than the things we know. Kenny isn't a complainer, so this is a little scary in itself…anyway during this time I got up and listened to Pastor Denny Duron on the computer yesterday and he was speaking about having Dominion with our Family. The F stood for foundation. What is your foundation built out of and it doesn't matter what your foundation was built out of that Jesus can establish a new foundation. It was beautiful. This morning I got up and read a devotion and you got it the devotion was about building our foundations on Jesus Christ.

I am built on a mighty foundation and I needed this reminder of God's promises and the foundation that I stand on is built of something that no storm can destroy – Christ!

Standing on the promises of Christ my Lord,



TheDubberlyChick said...

It's so neat when God speaks to us. He spoke to you through the sermon and the devotional that you read. Wow!

Yesterday I was really troubled and sad because I was feeling like maybe leading small group studies is not my spiritual gift. The groups I have led have been small-real small (except for the Beth Moore study). I'm starting one next Sunday and not many has signed up. Usually on Sundays as many as 15 will take a Bible study. Well, I can't help but to think that it must be me... I'm the reason why I haven't had good turn outs.... I prayed about it. I prayed from the heart for God just to let me know what I'm suppose to do for him. This morning I got a call from the church and was told several more people had signed up for the class. Yes!! Maybe He does want me to lead small group studies... Maybe He's trying to teach me something like---patience.... He answered my prayer. I didn't even have to wait long for a response. Isn't that cool!!!.....

I'm praying for Kenny... and you!

debbie said...

Don't you be discouraged...That old devil likes to work on all of us to keep us from doing God's work! You are called and I am so excited about you following God's promptings to share your gifts!!! I'm praying for y'all too!!!!

Frankie said...

Debbie and Chick, I am encouraged by both of you. "Keep on keepin on" is what we used to say in the 70's! Other women are blessed because of your faithful in serving the Lord.

Standing on the promises with you both!