Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spider web or rock?

Job 8: 13-14

The same happens to all who forget God, The hopes of the godless evaporate. Their confidence hangs by a thread. They are leaning on a spider's web.

Don't you hate it when you don't notice a spider's web and you walk right it to it and it just clings to your whole body and it is so nasty? I do. I don't like spider webs, so I guess this verse caught my eye.

When we forget God we have no hope. After all, our hope comes from God. So take a piece of thread and look at it. Everything you need to feel, to get through the next moment is like a thread. Not very secure is it? Not very strong is it? Not very comforting is it?

We are leaning on a spider's web. Now this is truly a nasty thought. The nasty just clings to us. The nasty insecurities, the nasty thoughts, the nasty devil, the nasty of a spider web is what we lean on. Imagery means everything to me. The only time a spider web is pretty is like the picture when God's light shines on it ~ just like us. God's light shining through us makes us pretty too!

Hope is so fragile. The devil is so waiting to pounce and folks he is real. Unfortunately, he is working 24/7 to get our attention to place doubt, so that our hope evaporates, he works to help us forget God. How? He places busy calendars, busy life, busy everything in our path to help us forget God…Yet again, it is our choice to choose to lean on The rock or the spider web, which choice will we make?

Choosing the rock,


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