Thursday, January 7, 2010

Open your eyes

Genesis 24:58

…Yes, I will go.

How often do you sign up for a trip that you don't know where you are headed, you don't know the people you traveling with, you don't know the person you are headed to marry, you are leaving behind all that you do know? Yes, please let me sign on that dotted line.

Am I alone in this?

Would you have so willing replied Yes, I will go?

I have to be honest. NO and I know that I would reply in all caps.

I know this is part of God's plan and you read that I would have replied in all caps NO. I fear that I've done that other times with God's plans for my life. I get in His way a lot more than likely. Often times, God request us to be bold and this is opposite of Debbie most of the time…God doesn't feel us in on the details …I like all the details.

I get in His way, but I also read this morning in Genesis 21 where Hagar and Ishmael who definitely weren't a part of God's plan were still heard by God. Look they had been thrown out of the family, so to speak. Wandering alone in the desert they had no water, it was hot and Hagar burst into tears knowing they were going to die. But the word tells us that God heard the boy crying and that God opened her eyes.

When I read this it jumped off the page at me…God often times has opened my eyes. Look at it for yourself in verse 19 – God opened Hagar's eyes…

So often, we do say NO in all caps and God comes along and opens our eyes. I know in the past six years God opened my eyes and my heart in ways that only God can do! He truly wants to give us an adventure that only He is able to provide and it may not include the details or what I have on my list, but I promise it ends up being way better than what I had planned anyway.

Thank you Lord for opening my eyes,



Frankie said...

Debbie, something that I noticed this morning in our reading was that Abraham journeyed three days to get to the land of Moriah where he would sacrifice Isaac. What always stuck in my mind was that Abraham got up early...well he had a three day journey to make. He had three days to think about God's instructions.

Was Abraham shocked by God's request? The Word doesn't say. All we see in the Word is that he was obedient. Genesis 22:1, says, "God tested Abraham's faith."
Our faith makes our obedience possible. The two go hand in hand.

On another note, I am wondering if Sarah had any idea of what Abraham had set out to do?

TheDubberlyChick said...

"Abraham told his servants, the boy and I will travel a little farther. We will worship there, and then 'we' will come right back." I couldn't help but to wonder what Abraham was really thinking. Did he just tell his servants that "we," meaning Abraham and Isaac, will be back so maybe they wouldn't interfere with Abraham sacrificing his son? Or maybe, Abraham thought, that God could and would bring Isaac back to life after the sacrifice. There is one thing that is fact. Abraham truly loved God and truly trusted God.

Frankie, I bet Sarah didn't have any idea what Abraham was about to do. She had waited 90 years for a child. If she had known, she probably would have gotten on her camel and followed Abraham all the way there saying "have you lost your mind and just wait until we get back home".. That's what I would have probably done any way..

Frankie said...

Hey, Dubberly Chick, I just had the biggest chuckle thinking of Sarah getting on her camel and chasing after Abraham. I am pretty sure she would have done something like that anyway.