Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What is felt in your home?

Job 29: 4

When I was in my prime, God's friendship was felt in my home.

I love this!

What do you feel in your home?

Love, friendship, peace, happiness?

Stress, arguing, anger, fear?

God's friendship was felt in my home…Think about it. When you don't feel God's friendship, is it because God left or did we not invite Him for a visit? Did God knock and I did not open the door? Did I hear the doorbell ring and I just ignore it? Did I see someone at the door, but decided to wallow in my pity?

Choices…our choice.

Today's reading in Job chapters 28 and 29 talked a lot about God's wisdom and understanding. I was thinking as I read that sometimes we don't want to understand, we don't want to have wisdom, because it simply might not be our desires – it would be God's! If we choose God's wisdom, we must let go of some of our own desires and sometimes we simply don't want to let go!

I desire God's friendship and I want to feel this in my home. Is it always easy? NO…I fall so short in my choices at times that I don't feel God, but I try to correct this, because I desire His friendship, I need His friendship, simply put I NEED HIM!

Needing God,



thedubberlychick said...

It is hard to let go of some of our own desires....REAL hard.... Please say a prayer for me. I've got some desires that I need to get rid of. They are not very pleasing to the Lord. I'll say a prayer for you as well. Thank you!!!.....

"The fear of the Lord is true wisdom: to forsake evil is real understanding." This verse really spoke to me this morning. I do fear the Lord; and I want the devil to stay away....far...far...away....

Frankie said...

Debbie, what an awesome thing to be able to say like Job did, "God's friendship was felt in my home." I am wondering if I know what that feels like, looks like or sounds like?

Dubberly Chick,I too really liked Job 28:28, God's advice on wisdom and understanding to all of humanity. Job's words about wisdom in Job 28 reminded me a bit of the passages in Proverbs about wisdom. I said a prayer for all of us just now that we can put God's desires ahead of our own and not be deceived by the enemy.