Thursday, January 14, 2010

Never alone

Genesis 37: 8

And they hated him all the more…..

Today is hard to pick what to write about, so much stuff!!!

I wanted to begin with our mouths or should I say my mouth. I was intrigued with Joseph and the way he told about his dreams. He was excited and wanted to share, but it really came across like he was bragging and maybe he was. God was sharing some really big stuff with Joseph and he wanted to talk about it, but he didn't do it in the right way. Oh Lord, I pray that the manner that we share You is the way that people will be drawn to you and not one that they want to throw us into a well or sell us off to a foreign land. Our approach is so important and such a fine line to walk! Think about it…We make a difference in the way that people respond to God. We must be careful!

Again, I was caught by the fact that Judah (the line of Christ) didn't want to kill his brother let's just sell him…Then we go on and learn about Judah and his daughter-in-law. This story bothered me a lot. Last year, I didn't catch that this was the lineage of Christ and then I read this story again and once again it so shows God's forgiveness for our actions. His son was born from this line that Judah went purchased a prostitute(he thought) for the night only to be his tricked by his daughter-in-law…God definitely knows his plans and look at verse 10 in chapter 38 God considered it evil that Onan would deny his brother's wife a child. So the Lord took his life. God knows His plans for our life. Wow!

Then when I got to Chapter 39 and Joseph with Potiphar it just jumped off the page over and over…The LORD was with Joseph…He was with Joseph during the time at Potiphar's house and then when he was tossed in prison. The LORD is always with us! During the good times or in the prison cells of our life The LORD is with us!!!

We are never alone! God doesn't promise us it will be easy, but He does tell us that He will hold us up and step every step with us. After all, He is the God that sees us...

So much to take in and ponder today…Ponder and treasure throughout your day that you are never alone!




TheDubberlyChick said...

I was also bothered by Judah and Tamar. I can't but help but to wonder what Tamar's motive was when she accepted her father-in-law's proposition. Revenge maybe? Judah did promise her his youngest son. But, he really had no intention for Shelah to marry Tamar. Apparently, Judah blamed Tamar.

Now this baffles me..... Judah wants to kill his widowed daughter-in-law because she's a prostitute. Did he actually forget that he propositioned one not long before? How can you want to kill someone for doing the very thing that you are guilty of? He changed from "let's kill her" to "she's more righteous than me" pretty quick once he finds out that he's the father of her twins....

Just like you the other day, Debbie, while reading my commentary, I discovered that Perez, Tamar and Judah's son, is in the lineage of Jesus. Matthew 1:3 names Jesus' lineage. It mentions Tamar's name also. Some pretty cool stuff, huh?

And what about Joseph? I'm really feeling sorry for him. His brother's hate him (most of them). He was sold into slavery. He goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit. But Joseph makes the best out of each bad situation. "The Lord was with Joseph." There's no doubt about that!!!!.....

Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks to you and The Dubberly Chick for the insights you shared today. I agree this is some cool stuff!