Sunday, January 17, 2010

Need a traveling partner?

Genesis 46:4

I will go with you down to Egypt, and I will bring you back again.

The Lord goes with us!


When I read these words, I knew they were true. The last couple of months have been difficult to say the least. Kenny's illness hasn't been easy for either of us. We aren't quite sure at times if it's gone or just quiet for the moment. We aren't sure if a pain he feels means its back, we just aren't sure and the comfort we feel is that we know that The Lord is with us!

During this entire ordeal, I've felt God's mighty hand holding us up. When we weren't sure what we were dealing with we were calm, because we know The Great Physician. Difficult times aren't easy, but they are bearable and the only reason they are bearable is The Lord is with us. He goes down to Egypt with us and brings us back.

Again, this weekend we have both wondered is the illness back, but we haven't panicked we feel peace because we know God goes with us wherever we go!

Sweet blessings,



Frankie said...

Debbie, I was thinking how great it would be to get a clear message from God like Jacob did. God told Jacob exactly what he needed to do.

But then I thought, God has given us all a clear message in His Word.
He speaks right on the pages of the Bible. He said right in that passage to Frankie, "I am not be afraid...I will go with you...and then I will bring you back...." A great reminder that He is with us!

TheDubberlyChick said...

I liked that Debbie. "He goes down to Egypt with us and brings us back." All the way to Egypt.... And all the way back....

I can't help but to think about a comment that Beth Moore said in the "Esther" Bible study. She said something like, "don't you hope when we get to heaven we will be able to click a rewind button and see all of the events of the Bible as it happened then." I would rewind and rewind the scene between Jacob and Joseph's seeing each other for the first time after all those years. I would probably wear the button out for rewinding it so much......

And don't you just love the scene where Jacob gives the Pharaoh the blessing. My commentary said that usually the host is the one who gives the blessing. Wow! I would have probably had to watch that 2 or 3 times too!!......