Sunday, January 10, 2010

The well

Genesis 29: 2

He saw a well in the distance. Three flocks of sheep and goats lay in an open field beside, it waiting to be watered.

The well caught my attention. Think about it how many years before maybe near this same well Rebekah went to the well her life to change forever. Now, here we are at the well and Jacob meets Rachel. Does anybody else find this fascinating?

It makes me think of the woman at the well in John 4, how we all end up at the well searching for living water. Oh, we don't know it is living water, but we are all searching…Abraham's servant was searching for Issac's wife, Jacob was searching for Laban the family to find his wife and the woman at the well was searching for what? Living water!

The well. It draws people in, doesn't it? During bible times, it was where people went to draw the water for their homes, their animals, their needs. Women would meet other women and discuss the happenings of the day around the well. The shepherds would bring their flocks for watering; visitors would bring their animals to be watered… It was the place to discover.

Think back…God used the well to fill all of their needs. I love the fact that the well was used in this father and son story to find their future wife.

I also, was caught in today's reading by how miserable we make our life by taking things into our own hands. Times haven't changed much. I am always so saddened by the story of Leah and Rachel. Two sisters who love the same man, Jacob. He loves the younger, more beautiful woman and is tricked into marrying the older sister. The older sister is given the gift of having more children. So, then what happens? The two women bring in two more women and it becomes a bigger mess. I imagine the scenes at night, the awful cat fights, and the awful words thrown between all of these women in the tent waiting to see which woman will go to Jacob that night.

All because of taking matters into our own hands. First, Jacob took things into his hands by stealing Esau's blessing, then Laban was tricked Jacob, on and on and on…Sin doesn't win, but it doesn't seem to stop, does it?

I picture Leah it tells us with no sparkle in her eyes, so sad. I picture Rachel beautiful on the outside, but a sadness that is never truly changed, Bilhad and Zilpah as used women who are angry. Think about it place yourself in that tent imagine the scene and the heartache that each of these women felt and why?

All because we take things in our own hands, without waiting for God to show us the way!

Think about the path you take, wait for God to show you the correct path…otherwise, it will be even more difficult than it would have been. Patience is the key!

Patiently waiting,



Frankie said...

Debbie,thanks for reminding us about the other wells. The wells had "life" in them for the people and their animals. Without water we can't survive and without The Living Water that Jesus offered the woman at the well, we would not have eternal life.

I noticed in today's reading that after Jacob's dream, he said in Genesis 28:21, "then the Lord will certainly be my God." Jacob said, my God, when in the reading yesterday in Genesis 27:20 Jacob said to Isaac, "The Lord your God...put it in my path." Sounds as though the relationship became personal for Jacob. Your God changed to my God. I think that happens to us too at some point, it becomes personal.

TheDubberlyChick said...

We used to have a well when I was young-in Dubberly as a matter of fact. The part above the ground was made of a round concrete culvert that was about 4 feet high. The top was also made of concrete and was to heavy for us pick up. I was fascinated by it... I can remember Daddy taking the top off so we could look inside. It was so deep and so dark you couldn't see the bottom. It was kind of scary too. What if we fell in accidentally? That would hurt or worse....I haven't thought about that well in years. Humm......