Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Could stand it no longer...

Genesis 42 - 45

How long when you see someone from long ago wait to run and say hi?  I am always bursting at the seams to catch up, to know what is happening in their life and yet we see Joseph show amazing patience with the appearance of his brothers.  Don't you know he wanted every detail from home?  Updates on all the family especially his father and brother not just a tidbit, but details!

Surely that isn't just girls.  I know my brother wants to know what is happening with my sister and I when he isn't around.  He quizzes my mom and dad, so I would think Joseph would want details too.  After all, the last time he saw these men were when they had sold him to the men from Egypt and they went about their way.  Don't you know he wanted to know what else they might have been up to, since he left?  What perhaps they might have done to Benjamin?

We are told the Joseph wept a lot.  He was filled with emotion, probably mixed emotions, but never once did he forget what this whole experience had been about - it was about God's plans and not any of their plans!  In Genesis 45:8 the words Joseph shared were, "So it was God who sent me here, not you!"  Do we realize even when someone meant harm to us that perhaps it was a much bigger plan?  It just jumped off the page at me this morning that God might send us to a difficult spot for HIS PLANS, not our plans!  We are continually lead to believe in America that it is all about us, but it's not!  Never!  It is about God and like we talked about yesterday our life must point to Him for others to grasp this as well.  Joseph continually points to God.

Imagine, the joy, the reunion, the relief, the amazing family reunited with God being at the center!  God bringing healing to these brothers.  Picture it for yourself we are told in Genesis 45:15 that Joseph kissed each of his brothers and wept over them, and after that they all talked freely!  I imagine loud laughter, loud talking, wait Joseph till I tell you this story, wait listen to what happened with Benjamin, look at you Joseph the leader that all people are indeed looking up to even us your undeserving brothers.  Yet, finally we see!  God indeed plans ahead!  What a wonderful family reunion all provided by God!  Is there a reunion that perhaps needs to happen with someone in your life?

Sweet blessings,


Frankie said...

There were so many neat thoughts that jumped out at me today in the reading. In particular, Judah caught my attention. In Genesis 43:9, when Judah says, "I personally guarantee his safety," I thought of the fact that Jesus is from the lineage of Judah and Jesus personally guarantees our safety when we accept Him as our Savior.

And again in Genesis 44:18-34, Judah pleads with Joseph to keep him as a substitute for Benjamin. Even though Judah had allowed his father, Jacob to believe the lie about Joseph for all those years, he cannot stand the idea of watching the anguish it would cause his father should he lose Benjamin. Maybe Judah had a second chance to do the right thing this time and he wanted to do it?

What do the rest of my Bible Reading sisters think about this?
Am I giving Judah to much of the benefit of the doubt?

debbie said...

I agree I was taken with Judah this time for the first time. I don't think you are giving him too much of the benefit of the doubt at all...I think we would all be better to think like you are that he was realizing more about life! God was working in His life and that gives all of us hope! Deb