Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hope springs forth

Job 19 -21

Honestly, it is very hard to read Job day after day for me.  I find verses that speak to my heart, but I get so angry with the friends, tired of the moans and groans of Job (and who would not be moaning and groaning with all that he faced, but what human wants to continually listen) After, all we are human and we fail.  We fail to be what we should be for that friend that needs to moan and groan instead we act like the friends in the the book of Job.  We offer unwanted, sometimes stupid words of our own wisdom.  Which quite honestly isn't very wise a lot of the time. 

Sometimes, I find myself grasping for hope daily in this story just like I seem to find myself at times right now!
I turn on the television and it looks and sounds just like the book of Job!  I listen to groups of people and it sounds a lot like the book of Job!  So, what is a girl to do?  Look deeper in God's Word, listen closer, and He will show you that Word you need to cling to Hope!

Job 19:25 - 27 speaks to this thought of what each of us needs to cling to and remember! Also, shout it from the top of our voices to anyone that will listen, because we do have HOPE!  We have a Redeemer!

But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and he will stand upon the earth at last.  And after my body has decayed, yet in my body I will see God!  I will see him for myself.  Yes, I will see him with my own eyes.  I am overwhelmed with the thought!
Praise the LORD and put your hope where it belongs with God!  Our hope is not with our leaders, our family, our friends, no it is with Our Redeemer and this will get all of us through the day!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Thankkfully those sweet nuggets show up in the pages of Job. Nuggests of truth that we can cling to like the one you shared with us today. OUR REDEEMER LIVES!