Thursday, January 3, 2013

Whose timing God's or our own?

Genesis 7 - 10 and 1 Chronicles 1: 8-23

I always imagine this scene of Noah building the ark and everyone standing at the corner of the yard (close enough to see and gossip, but not too close to be with this really strange man) all the time Noah is being obedient hard at work.  It went on for a long time.  Lots of talk, lots of name calling, lots of laughter all directed in Noah's direction.  I wonder was Noah ever tempted to just say it's not going to happen and step away from this crazy ark building?  I don't think he was tempted, because we read that God saw that Noah alone was righteous!  Wow!  He did not listen to all the nay sayers surrounding him and we all know they were standing there saying Noah get a grip, what are you doing?  Mrs. Noah, did you make him appointment with a doctor yet?  We all hear the nay sayers that surround us and try to plant seeds of doubt, yet Noah was strong and believed!

The most touching thing to me was that when God saw the ark was finished in Genesis 7 he told Noah to go into the boat.  Noah listened and did what he was told.  Once they were on the boat it was 7 more days before the rain even started.  God is never too late!  He knows the right time for each of us to move in obedience and he does direct our steps.  It's just a matter of whether we are obedient like Noah or we are left standing on dry ground that will be flooded in a few days.  God warned the people.  God allowed Noah to build that boat right out in public for all to see and ask questions.  Yet Noah was the one that God stated in Genesis 7:1:  ...I can see that you alone are righteous.  Noah alone.  

Also, it always, always hits me that God shuts the door on the ark and then in Revelation 3:20 we are told if we will open the door He will come in!

God closes doors that we need shut sometimes, but He will come in if we allow Him to!  We are told He goes before us.  

Remember today it is about God's timing and not our own,

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