Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walking, but how?

Genesis 4 - 6 and 1 Chronicles 1: 1-4

How are you walking?  Is it slowly?  Are you walking with a little pep in your step?  If someone takes a look around at you, while you walk do they know by looking that you are walking in close fellowship with God?

My eye-catching phrase in the reading today was found in Genesis 5:24 ~ walking in close fellowship with God.  Then  one day he disappeared, because God took him.  Enoch is the man the verse is talking about and the man, Moses is writing about here.  Keep in mind that Moses is the assumed writer of Genesis, so the law is very important to him.  Enoch is a man that walked close to God according to the Word and escaped the curse of death because God took him!  I have always been fascinated with these words about people in the old testament about what this actually means and we don't know for sure, but most commentaries believe it is referring to the close relationship the people had with God and that their life reflects it because of their actions!  Back to the old adage actions speak louder than words!

Today, I am pondering about walking in close fellowship with God!  Beautiful that Our Savior wants this relationship with each of us!

What was your special word this morning?

Sweet blessings,


Janice Crittendon said...

I believe that this is so true to have a close relationship with the Lord because this is how people will know that we have been with Christ. Acts 4:13 makes mention that when the people noticed the boldness of Peter and John, and that they were unlearned men, they marvelled and took knowledge that they had been with with Jesus. I believe that our close walk with the Lord will cause people to marvel and take notice of God working through us. I agree that we need that intimate time with Christ.

Frankie said...

Janice had a very good thought about people being able to see that we have spent time with Christ. I like that!

And then there was Enoch. Wonder what he and God talked about for 365 years. We are not privy to any those conversations. It would have been nice to know but I guess their talks were so sweet and special that God kept them to himself.