Friday, January 4, 2013

Defeating Our Enemies! Go! Fight! Win!

Genesis 11 - 14, 1 Chronicles 1:24-27

Do you like to win the games you play?  Do you pull for your team even in the bad years and just want to pull off the upset?  Do you want to win that Scrabble game with a big word?

Most all of us have that desire deep within to win the battles that might be facing us.  I don't know your battle whether it is with weight, self-esteem, pride, worry, illness, oh this list could go on and on because most of us are facing some battle at almost every point of our journey.  Some battles are bigger than other battles, but we will not win even the smallest battle without God being number one in our life.  We don't win the battles!  God does!

Now seriously, I'm not talking about ballgames that we blow way out of portion a lot of the time, but I'm talking about the battles of life.  The serious battles!  Who do you want to battle a loss with the LSU or Arkansas mascot?  Not me!  Those of you that know me, know I am a huge Razorback fan, but I know that isn't going to get me anywhere in reality. Other than a Woo pig or did you see that girl pat on the back!  No the big battles are won when we realize like Abram did who really wins the battles!

In our reading today, it struck me that Abram realized every time the LORD ask him to do something and he did it that the LORD kept His promise.  Abram would immediately build an altar!  All through the reading today, Abram remembered to build an altar, dedicate it to the LORD, and worship!  Abram remembered that God did it all and he was just the person that made the decision to trust God and take the steps God directed him to take.  What did Abram get?  Everything God promised him!  Over and over we see God keeping His promises.  Who else do you know that always keeps His promises?

I know some of you are responding with but I ask God for healing and I didn't get it?  I ask God to help me find a job and I didn't get it.  I ask God to ...all of our list look differently, but He doesn't tell us that He will always give us the answer we want!  What we want may not be what is best for us according to God's Plan for our life.  It is about our obedience to Him not the other way around.  I haven't always gotten the answer I prayed for and it hurts.  Many of you know that many, many years ago I desperately prayed for a baby and I did not get the answer that I desired for this prayer.  It broke my heart. I was angry, I was hurt after all I looked around and in my estimation many babies were born to people that I didn't think they could even care for them, so I ask why? (not to mention I was judging other situations.  Terrible when God convicted me on this one.)  It wasn't for me to question, but I did.  Many years later God did answer the why to my question, but it was after I truly turned my life over to Him and His desires for my life and not my own desires or my own way.

God desires our obedience, our trust, and our willingness to let go and give it all to Him.  So we must be ready to follow where God tells us to go!  My favorite part of today's ready was found in Genesis 14 after Abram had defeated Kedorlamoer's army and the king of Salem came out to greet Abram along with a priest of God Most High that Abram was given this blessing found in verse 19...
Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth, And blessed be God Most High,
who has defeated your enemies for you.
God will fight our battles, if we remember exactly who God is...we must remember He is the one with our worship and praise, our lives shine because HE is shining through us, and everyone sees Him in us knowing He is the ONE not us!  WE must point everything in our life to Him!   So today, choose to point to Him!

Knowing Who Truly Wins My Battles,

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