Friday, January 25, 2013


Job 22 -25

No the legs are not mine, but when I remember the day that the LORD lead me to read the Bible cover to cover I found treasures!  Hidden treasures just for me!

You ask how can I say that, well it's true!  They are hidden just for me in the moment I need them and they are for you too!  Read it for yourself and find those spine chilling moments that you know Our God is speaking directly to you!  It happens and it is awesome!

People think I'm crazy when I share how reading God's Word turned my life around, but it is so true.  I was already a believer and loved the LORD, but the relationship was missing.  Once I picked up His Word began to truly know God through His Word and how He truly speaks through different verses at different times it became my treasure!  I do indeed hunger for it more than a meal - yes even my hamburger and french fries!

Today's hidden treasure for me was in Job 23:12 - 
I have not departed from his commands, but have treasured his words more than daily food.

Daily I make mistakes and in that way I am different from Job, but like Job I treasure His Words!  Give yourself the gift of daily reading His Word for you!  Don't let someone else spoon feed you, read it for yourself!  The word you need is more than likely something totally different from the spoon feeder!  God loves each of us uniquely, so find your treasured word He intends for you today!  Read His Word!

Sweet blessings,

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