Saturday, January 19, 2013


Job 1 -  4

Why?  How often do you hear a child ask the question why do it that way?  Why are we going this way?  Why? Why? Why?  The eagerness to learn of a child is beautiful.  The photo speaks to the question I think.  The little child is wondering why am I sitting here among these plants...good question, but it is a cute photo!

Why?  Many of us go through life wanting all the answers, in fact demanding answers.  Even times when perhaps the answers are absolutely none of our business, but we make it our business.

I found it so timely that Job was the reading today for me.  The last two days I've watched like many of you the Lance Armstrong interview and the young man from Notre Dame and his situation and I've heard why over and over.  Tears ran down my face watching Lance Armstrong try to explain bad choices, lies and his world crumble around him and I'm afraid he may not know the answer yet.  I'm not sitting in judgment of him, because I make my own bad decisions and don't have to explain them on national television for my nephews and nieces to deal with...I cried for his children.  The moment he spoke of his Luke you could tell his heart broke and that is the moment it should break, but do you think he realized His heavenly Father's heart was breaking as well and was our heart breaking for Lance for the same reason?  My prayer is that Lance will find His Father now, His Heavenly Father.  I ask that all of us cover this family with prayers for healing and for Lance's salvation. I don't excuse him, but he is human and he rode and rides a bike!  We are the ones that made him into something he wasn't - not him. Oh yes he took the ride and believed it all himself, but in his heart he knew.   He went on the ride that the world gave him and he fell off the bike!  So many bigger issues and that is for this young man's salvation!  My heart broke because he doesn't know God.  He tells you so and this is what should break our heart!

I woke up picked up God's Word and began to read Job.  The story of a man that God calls in Job 1 "the finest man on earth.  He is blameless-a man of complete integrity.  He fears God and stays away from evil."  Wow, such words that God said about Job!  The devil says well why not he's got the perfect life.  You protect him.  It's easy to be good.  Well, the thing that just struck me right off was Job knows God!    Is knowing answers more important than knowing God?  Nope!  What matters is that each of us know God and trust God with the answers!

It was so timely to receive this message from the LORD!  A reminder that I don't need all the answers of why we humans mess up it is more important to help make Jesus known to all!  I want to pose a question to each of you that might be reading this blog today - If a person doesn't know God isn't it really easy to fall prey to the bad choices?  After all, don't we still fall prey and we know God and yet we make bad choices at times?  The hope in this dark world does not rest with any of us it rest with Jesus and we are to help spread this message to all the people in this world and not to forget that we are humans and let those that are totally innocent cast the first stone.

Father, it is my prayer today that we share You with others and leave judgment to You!  Father forgive me when I make bad decisions that I will hear you say "NO, Debbie and make the right choice".  Thank you Father that I do hear your voice through Your Word, through others, through You just surrounding me with Your Amazing Love and Grace!  Father, open my eyes to share You with those that need to hear about You and your amazing grace!  Indeed, it is so sweet the sound of words of your amazing grace that saves a wretch like me.  Amen


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