Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's all your fault!

Genesis 15-17

Well I hate to admit what I felt the Spirit leading me to talk about today, but I will...since I have to be real and open.  Even with the not so nice things about me at times.  

Do any of you have trouble admitting when you are wrong?  Well I do.  Okay I said it.

Today's lesson was very profound for me with the story of Sarah and Abram, oh and Hagar!  Always this story just grabs my heart for so many reasons mostly having to do with not being able to have children and relating to Sarah, but the way she took matters into her own hands in this situation definitely differ from me.  I would never have ask another woman to sleep with my hubby and have a baby.  I mean really?  What woman is going to be able to handle this situation wisely?  Especially if you are not able to have a child you already have feelings of being less and then another woman stepping in and providing the gift you desire most in the world oh no not a good situation.  Always it amazes me though, when we decide to make a decision and then it isn't good we point the finger away from ourselves.

Yes, Abram was guilty, but he didn't set this whole situation up.  Sarai did.  She told him to and Hagar had no say whatsoever in the situation.  Yes, her attitude may have been changed after the experience for a lot of reasons.  Never once did Sarai think about the demand she placed on Hagar it was taking her husband a cup of coffee.  It was something so much more precious and she knew Abram loved Sarai and this was all about a child and nothing to do with her. 

Yet, Sarai is quick to point the finger in verse 5 at Abram with these words, "This  is all your fault!  I put my servant into your arms, but now that she's pregnant, she treats me with contempt.  The LORD will show who's wrong-you or me!"  Well, they both took matters into their own hands and I have to admit sometimes I do this along with pointing the finger at someone else when it doesn't work.  Hagar may not have even wanted a child.  A child that she was going to have whether she wanted it or not and into a situation she knew was not going to be a good thing.  So yes she may have had a bad attitude.  We or at least I need to learn to admit my mistakes and to give more thought to decisions that have big consequences in the end!  God's timing is not ours, but we must wait because He does keep His promises!


P.S.  I will post later today the writing for tomorrow's reading since I will be on the road heading home and Monday's writing will be posted later in the day after my return home...Pray for safe travels on our trip home.

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