Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm ready to go...

Genesis 37 - 39
Today, we read a lot about Judah, Joseph, and all the brothers.  We don't need to forget that these are families with all the problems that might entail right here in God's Word. Problems like each of us face at different times.

Over and over, I thought Joseph is really winding these boys up sharing the stories about his dreams with them.  After all, we are told that Jacob loved Joseph more and don't think for a moment that all the other boys did not realize it.  Their mother, Leah had lived for years knowing that Jacob loved their aunt more and now he also loved her son more.  Lots of feelings buried deep within each of them and then this special boy had to brag a little about his dreams to them.

Do you think he knew what he was doing?  Do you think he was just so excited he spouted it out without thinking?  Possibly, but possibly he was bragging a little bit too.  Now he was about to get humbled in a mighty big way and God would use all of this in His plans!

Imagine, all the feelings that went through Joseph in the bottom of that cistern and then being sold to traders from Egypt.  Humble isn't probably a big enough word to express all that Joseph was at the point he entered Egypt only to be purchased by a man named Potiphar.

Potiphar realizes these words The LORD was with Joseph in chapter 39 it is mentioned over and over that the LORD was with him.  I want those words, I desire those words, that others will simply look and know that THE LORD is with Debbie.  How about you?  The LORD is with _______________(insert your own name)  Doesn't that feel good?  Don't you want to claim that for yourself?

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Frankie said...

Yes, I do want to claim those words for myself. The Lord is with Frankie!

I do believe that Joseph was bragging a bit. Even though the brothers let their jealousy take over their actions, I feel sorry for them and the pain they must have felt from their father's favoritism. Not condoning the brothers actions though.