Friday, January 11, 2013

That's fine with us!

Genesis 30:25-43. Genesis 31

When your hubby tells you it is time for something, do you reply that's fine?  No questions, no well have you thought about this?  Just, that's fine?

In today's reading, that is exactly how the two sisters, Leah and Rachel responded when Jacob told them it was time to return to his home according to the LORD.  A foreign land they knew nothing about other than they were going to take their fun family that begs to sleep with Jacob, even sending in their maids to sleep with him to one up the other sister is now going on the road.  I would think this would have even been more difficult to leave the comfortable place called "home" knowing that problems would even be bigger in a new place or would you join together?

I don't know, but they trusted Jacob.  Do you think it was because of the fact that they knew God was in this place leading the way?  I do!  I think they saw God's work surrounding them even when they were plotting and making schemes!  They saw God work and knew in their hearts that Jacob had indeed heard from the LORD about it was time to go!

Do we listen when God shares with our hubby the best plans for us?  Do we think we know the best way even when our spouse truly may have heard from the LORD just like Jacob?  Do we ever even consider that perhaps God spoke with Him and not with us on this particular matter?

Is today the day to perhaps answer, "that's fine"?

That's fine,

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