Monday, January 21, 2013

Leaning on a spider's web?

Job 8 -11

Explanations that imply God is something He isn't and responses that He is less than He is...that is my summary for today's reading!

That is what jumped at me today with the reading.  We think we have it and then oops not at all just like Job's friends and then we are like Job in that we try to put God in a box and not even a very big box so we can try to understand Him rather than just believing Him!  Once we accept that we will never understand Him because He is so much more than we can grasp we are on the right path!  His ways are not ours and for this I give Him thanks!  

One of my favorite verses from today's reading was from Job 8:14
Their confidence hangs by a thread.  They are leaning on a spider's web.
We will hang on to whatever makes us feel safe even though many times it is not any sturdier than a spider's web!  God is all that is secure the rest is fleeting!

Today rest in God and God alone!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

That same verse stood out to me in the reading today because I thought how flimsy a spider web is to a human. Yet we can get all stuck and caught up in it like an insect does by relying on the wrong things.